Timeline{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="width:85%;" align:center; " |Ages are estimated |- | Kit-hood

Egretstep is born to Rain that Falls Swiftly and Waspfur along with her two siblings: Owl that Catches Mice and Bird that Sings Sweetly.

Group: Tribe of the Peaceful Swamp

Scars: Born half-deaf

Age: 0-4 moons



Egretstep is apprenticed to Night that Falls Swiftly, a guard.

Two-legs eventually invade their camp and she falls into the swamp, to be carried away.

Group: Tribe of the Peaceful Swamp to rogue

Scars: N/A

Age: 4-10 moons


Young Rouge

Egretstep renamed herself to Egret.

She finds FallClan camp and helps revive the clan.

She recieves her warrior name: Egretstep.

She leaves FallClan.

Group: Rogue to FallClan to rouge

Scars: N/A

Age: 10-20 moons



Egretstep joins MistClan as a warrior.

She becomes mates with Blizzardstorm.

She is promoted to Elite.

Egretstep becomes a queen and has two kits: Snowsong and Stormkit.

Egretstep adopts Finchbreeze.

Egretstep leaves MistClan after a failed suicide attempt.

Group: MistClan to rogue

Scars: Blinded in one eye, leaving a scar

Age: 20-40 moons


Older rouge/Older warrior-hood

Egretstep meets Dancer and becomes his mate.

She gives birth to Tikifur

Egretstep flees and returns to MistClan, joining as a warrior.

She has a litter of four kits: Stubkit, Oysterkit, Blinkstar, and Goosekit.

She is caputured by Dancer and has another kit: Bluekit.

She flees again, and stays as a rogue.

She is caputured again and has a litter of three kits, but leaves them.

She presumingly kills Dancer and stays a rogue.

Group: Rogue, MistClan to rogue

Scars: N/A

Age: 40-50 moons


Older warrior-hood

Egretstep finds BlossomClan and joins as a Warrior

Group: Rogue to BlossomClan

Scars: N/A

Age: 50+ |}